Book Review Policy

Hello! Here is my current Book Review Policy! If you have any questions, all inquiries can be emailed to me @ 

I will happily accept your book for review purposes, but please take into consideration the following guidelines: 

First off, I appreciate the fact that you have even considered me for a book review!

So, thank you in advance!!!!!!

  • Although I accept your book for review purposes, I cannot guarantee that I will review your book. If I cannot do so, I will let you know through your preferred method of contact. With that being said, I will attempt to review your book within the next four months of receiving it.
  • The books I review are my personal opinions, and therefore my review may not be a positive one.
  • I will only respond to inquiries about books that interest me.
  • I will inform the reader of where I received my books from.  With that being said, unless otherwise stated in the blog post, all of my books that I review have either been purchased by me, borrowed from a friend, or I have checked it out of my local library.
  • The following is a sample of my book information that have (or will list) at the top of each review:


Book Title: Tower of Dawn
Book Author: Sarah J. Maas
Page Count: 660
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Would I recommend: YES!
(If I had received it from the publisher I would post it here) i.e. I received this book on behalf of ___________ for the purpose of reviewing it.  Unless the publisher otherwise requests that I write it somewhere on else blog or would like me to use some other wording!
  • These reviews are just my personal opinions.
  • My 5 star rating is based upon:

 5 Stars – I absolutely loved this book!  It’s going on my must be purchased ASAP list.
 4 Stars – The book was excellent.  I found some flaws, but it was still highly enjoyed.
 3 Stars – I enjoyed the book.  Maybe not as good as others, but still high enough to                                                recommend.
2 Stars – I did not enjoy the book.  It just wasn’t the right style of book for me, but maybe                                      others enjoyed it.
 1 Star  – I didn’t like this book.  I found much of the book to be disagreeable to my liking.


Books I am willing to review in Book Format: Book Print, E-books, Audiobooks
Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, Adult

Types of books I enjoy and will accept:

  • – Fiction
  • – Fantasy
  • – High Fantasy
  • – Historical Fiction
  • – Horror
  • – Fairy Tale Retellings
  • – Contemporary
  • – Sci-fi
  • – Action/Adventure
  • – Manga
  • – Audiobooks
  • – Dystopian

Types of books I do NOT enjoy and will NOT accept:

  • – Non-fiction
  • – Biography/Autobiographies/Memories
  • – Poetry
  • – Self-Help
  • – Political
  • – Spirituality & New Age
  • – Occult/Witchcraft
Again, Thank you for taking time to consider me for a book review! And all inquiries can be sent to!

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