Book Review: Obsidio

Book Title: Obsidio 

Book Authors: Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Page Count: 615 Pages

Rating: 4 out of 5

Would I Recommend:  Yes! 


Hello Book Friends!  I hope y’all are having a wonderful day!

Oh my goodness, this book gave me ALL the FEELS!  I decided to read this book because I’ve read they first two and thought they were AMAZING!  The FUN thing about these books is the way they are written – as a series of files and emails and private messages and notes and so on, from all different perspectives and things.  If you enjoyed Illuminae and Gemina, then I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this last book too!

I got this book out of the library and it had been sitting there for almost two weeks because while I really wanted to read it, I didn’t think I’d be able to jump right into the story.  However, when I picked it up to see if I could read a couple pages I couldn’t put it down and I knew I was fully invested for life, lol. 🙂 I should have known!

Just a random note: I’ve heard a lot of people say how awesome the audiobooks are, so if you wanted to check that out, go right ahead. I tend to read physical books a lot faster than audiobooks, so audiobooks are difficult for me to listen to because they take FOREVER to get through.

Anyways, this book picks right up where Gemina picks up, and we find ourselves rooting for our old friends and following a few new ones.  There is never a dull moment in this book. There is something important happening every moment, and everyone is making constant decisions that will either hurt or help them.  We don’t know the fate of anyone, and it pulls at your heartstrings as there are plot twists and situations that don’t look good for our friends.  It puts you on edge, and I couldn’t put the book down because I had to know what was happening.  I HAD TO!  And I am STILL reeling from it all because SO MUCH happens in this book that I think it fried my brain.

I would typically give a book like this 5 stars, but there were two things that I wasn’t entirely happy with. This occurs throughout all the other books too, but practically every other word these kids say to each is a swear word.  While I don’t doubt kids can swear that much on a daily basis, I found it to be obnoxious.  They are older teenagers, but still. So much swearing for a teen and young adult book.

Also, I felt that the ending was rushed.  There was so much action going on up until the end, that it made the ending a bit anticlimactic if you ask me. It was a good ending, I think I would have just liked to see more of where the characters were going after this.

Overall, The plot was definitely AMAZING, as well as the writing.  The artwork, and the notes and messages were very well thought out, plus the story flows fantastically.  I didn’t love the swearing an the anticlimactic ending, but other than that I thought it was great. I would recommend the entire series it to just about anyone. ( With the warning that it contains a whole heck of a lot of swear words. I don’t think I’d let younger teenagers read it for that reason but that’s more for the parents to decide than me. >_<)

Anyways, these are my non-spoilery opinions and thoughts about this book! Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below! Also, thanks for reading!

If you want to find out more about the story you can check it out here:  Obsidio
And if you want to find out more about these authors you check it out here: Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff



2 thoughts on “Book Review: Obsidio

  1. I feel like I’m seeing this book everywhere lately, and by the sounds of your review it definitely lives up to the hype! I’ve not read any from the series, but I heard an amazing interview with Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff a while back on the Garret podcast, and it sounds like they make for a fantastic team. I’m not sure how I’d go with another book formatted this way (in emails/text messages/etc), I feel like I’ve just read too many of them – it really got my goat in Dracula, they were all sitting around writing letters and diary entries for one another, when surely they should have been out hunting down the bad guy? On the other hand, I’m not that bothered by swears or anti-climactic endings, so if that’s the worst there is about Obsidio, I’m probably going to be just fine with it 😉 Thank you so much for sharing this review, keep it up!


    1. Aw, thank you! 🙂 I appreciate the encouragement! This book is everywhere, but so worth the hype in my opinion. And there is actually a lot of action in this series, so it’s not just them sitting around, but it’s written in such an interesting way that I enjoyed it a lot! When you get around to it, I hope you enjoy it too!


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