6 Awesome Gifts for the Book Lover and Self Proclaimed Geek in your Life

Hello, Book Friends!  I hope you all have sufficiently stuffed yourselves with Thanksgiving dinner over the past few weeks.  I know I sure did!

It’s been a whirlwind since October, and even though I’m not THAT worried, I’ve been lagging behind on a lot of things because everything is happening at once and I can’t keep up.  The good news is that I managed to get a lot of writing done (over 60,000 words) on my novel for NaNoWriMo, and it has finally ended!  The bad news is both my sister and her husband are having some serious health issues (for completely different things) and my sister had to be hospitalized.  We’re still waiting on the results on some of her tests, but it has to do with her heart and she’s been in there for a couple of days.  It’s been a very busy and unsettling time for our household. And………

CHRISTMAS is coming! So, I gathered up a list of of bookish and geeky items, (because us book fanatics are also fans of other things)!

(Also, I made a post about some bookish gifts last year if you need some more ideas. 8 Christmas Gift Ideas For the Reader in Your Life)

Without further ado…


1. Bookish/Geeky Jewelry 


How stinkin’ cute is this? I bought this necklace as a birthday gift for my best friend who’s a huge Harry Potter fan, both the books and the movies!  I think it’s adorable, and doesn’t stand out too much, so it can go with just about everything! I bought it at Kohl’s on Black Friday for $15. She’s gonna love it!

2. Book Sleeves


I mentioned these in last years post, but they’re still cute and still awesome. What better way to carry a book around to protect it?  I love to sew, but I STILL haven’t sat down and made myself some cute little booksleeves.  This butterfly fabric that I picked up is super cute, so I might make one out of these. Though there are PLENTY of people who make and sell ones that are ADORABLE that I might end up buying one for myself!

3. Bookish and Fandom Mugs 


I also, mentioned these last year, but who couldn’t go wrong with these types of mugs? They’re super cute and fun to collect!  Besides, what book lover doesn’t drink either tea, hot cocoa, or coffee (or all three)? That last one is me. My friends got me this Harry Potter one off of Etsy as a gift a few years ago, and I love using it to this day. Just a word of caution, you might want check and see if it’s dishwasher or microwavable safe before gifting!

4. Bookish and Fandom T-shirts and other Clothing


What way for the book lover an geek in your life to celebrate their favorite fandom/book than with an article of clothing?  Who knows, they might find some other fans out in public just like them and become fast friends. Or just buy one for yourself. You know you better than anyone.

I have worn Star Wars Shirts, Doctor Who, Marvel, and Disney.  Even ones with sarcastic sayings.  SO MANY random people have commented on my shirts! I’m not the type to even notice what people are wearing when I’m out, but other people WILL look at your clothing.

It’s not just shirts thought. My friend also got me this awesome Beauty and the Beast scarf, because she knows it’s my favorite Disney movie.  (It’s her’s too, which makes it even more fun!) It’s CUTE and goes really well with my gray pea coat. It’s so full of color and awesomeness that it even matches my red coat!

5. Bookish and Fandom Household Items


I love gifting people things that I know they’ll use like CUTE towels.  My best friend (the same one that loves Harry Potter) is also a huge Star Wars fan.  Over the years I have purchased many Star Wars kitchen items such as measuring cups and glassware, which I bought from Thinkgeek.com.  You should check them out if you’re looking for fandom stuff, they’ve got some awesome items.

But THIS year, I bought her this adorable BB-8 handtowel an some cute washcloths from KOHLS.  I’m slowly decorating her whole house with Star Wars items, and I don’t think she’s caught on.  I don’t think she’d mind though, it’s so awesome!

6.    Bookish, Fandom, or Randomly Fun Socks


Over the past few years, FUN socks have become a thing in our family.  Especially ones like these REALLY cute kitten ones!  We have two cats and these are just a fun stocking stuffer that everyone will have a good laugh over.  I know they’ll wear them too. Besides, they would also make such fun bookstagram photos too! 🙂


And there you have it, my list of Christmas Ideas for the Book Lover/Fandom Geek in your Life! 🙂 As, always, thanks for reading!






8 Christmas Gift Ideas For the Reader in Your Life

Hello Book Friends and Non-Book Friends!  Hope ya’ll are having a fantastic Cyber Monday!

Anyways, I just wanted to share with you all some Christmas Gift Ideas for the Reader in your life.  These are just a few of the endless possibilities!

1. Fabric Book Sleeves: I think these things are just the cutest.  I’ve attempted sewing things before and these seem so easy to make.  But it’s probably also time consuming, so props to the people who make them.  They’re the best. Besides who doesn’t love having a little case sleeve to carry your precious book in?!

Wouldn’t these gold and silver fabrics make for the cutest books sleeves for Christmas?

2. Bookish candles: They look freakin’ adorable on everyone’s bookshelves and the collection ones are to die for.  I want one for every book on my shelf if I could. And if I had a bunch, I’d make a whole shelf for them so others can be envious.

3.  Actual books:  Ask for a list, or pick up something random that you think your friend/family member will love. If my family/friends would just decide to pick up something on my list, I’d love that more than anything.

4.  Gift cards to a Bookstore: Just a little something I wish my family would do for me – Buy me gift cards to the SAME bookstore so I can spend more money in one on-line store instead of having to divide it between two stores and deal with the extra cost of shipping. But I’m not complaining, I’ll take both cards happily regardless.

5. Bookmarks:  I love them.  My friends once bought this metal feather bookmark and I love it.  Also, homemade bookmarks are fun too. I paint with water color and sometimes make my own, but I wouldn’t mind receiving them as gifts either.

The feather bookmark! 
My hand painted creations! 

6. Bookish Mugs:  My friends also bought me this Harry Potter Mug.  And while I use it to store pens (which is good for me because I have a gazillion pens for my planners I write in) I think its adorable.  And awesome for instagram bookstagram photos too.

My awesome mug! 

7. Funko Pops!: While I personally do not collect these because I do not have the storage space, Bookish Funko Pops add some fun to people’s shelves.  Also, non-bookish people love Funko Pops too. I have friends who do collect them, and they get them from me for Christmas.

I know my friends don’t read this blog so I’m sharing what I’ve gotten them for their growing collections! They aren’t bookish ones. 

8. Bookish Art: I’d love to hang some drawings on my wall that other people have made. (since I am not artistic at all; I admire all those that are!) I think they would make great additions to my room and hey, I’d have more photo ops to add to my instagram bookstagram account.

And there you have it!  8 ideas that some of your bookish family members or friends might love for Christmas!  Happy Spending and Merry Christmas! Remember that Christmas is actually all about being with your loved ones this time of year, so no matter what you get them they’ll probably love it anyway, because it came from you! Thanks for reading!